Identity validation

Identity verification in real time

Companies are increasingly facing different types of fraud, such as identity theft, so it is essential to verify the identity of their users.

Thanks to Facephi it is possible to identify them easily, quickly and safely, and avoid fraud through the use of masks, photos or videos, or by manipulating documents.

Automatic document capture and selfie capture

Fully automatically, the technology captures the identity document and compares the photograph against a selfie taken at the moment with passive liveness.

Additional security functions

It is possible to add additional functionalities to this process for double verification, such as fingerprint recognition, user behaviour, electronic signature or video recording.

Main Features

These are the main reasons why out technology stands out

Automatic document capture

Facephi's digital onboarding technology automatically captures the document required by the user and rejects all others, providing a unique experience.

Passive liveness

The user authentication process is passive. The user simply places him/herself before the camera, thus reducing the interaction friction and enhancing the experience.

Machine learning

Every time the user makes use of the technology it learns more about his/her appearance and is capable of recognising the person in spite of superficial changes.

Analysis of points on the face

Facephi’s technology detects and compares numerous points on the image of the user's face each time authentication is required.

Reduction of overheads

Automatic digital onboarding of new users dramatically reduces costs compared to manual procedures.

Reads any kind of document

The technology is capable of reading identity documents and passports in use all over the world.