The insurance sector with a unique user experience

The insurance sector needs to digitalise its policyholder identity verification processes to make it easier for users to acquire its products and services, to strengthen the protection of its online interactions and to prevent identity theft-based fraud.

FacePhi offers a fast, secure onboarding process for policyholders that enables the insurer be sure that customers and other users are who they say they are.The only thing the policyholder has to do is take a picture of their identity document and then a selfie. This simple process provides the authentication required to take out an insurance policy or acquire any other product.

Applications of the technology

Examples of use cases in the insurance sector

FacePhi’s mission is to help you get to know your policyholders safely. The following are some of the use cases for our technology.

Onboarding new policyholders

Onboarding new policyholders is conducted online or at the insurer’s offices to achieve rapid integration.

Onboarding by assisted or unassisted video call

The process can be recorded on video assisted by an agent or unassisted but guided by instructions provided on the bank’s application.

Authentication of the policyholder

Policyholders can be authenticated (1-1) easily and quickly by facial recognition technology to enter their private area in the insurer’s application.

Identification at a kiosk

Recognising the policyholder on arrival from among all entries in its database (1-N), streamlining queues and reducing waiting times


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