Championing Security and Legal Compliance: Facephi and SEPBLAC Lead the Conversation on Service Procurement at Madrid Platform 

Facephi, a pioneer in biometric identification solutions, has partnered with SEPBLAC, the Executive Service of the Commission for the Prevention of Money Laundering and Monetary Infringements, to spearhead discussions at the Madrid Platform about the pivotal importance of security in remote and digital contracting. 

The past few years have seen exponential growth in digital onboarding processes, introducing substantial security concerns for businesses and their clientele. SEPBLAC and Facephi are at the forefront, championing secure methodologies and emphasising proactive risk management. 

Their collective goal is to highlight the importance of maintaining security while modernising procurement processes and vendor selection to meet the evolving needs of the global digital marketplace. 

Working alongside technical experts from the Bank of Spain who are part of SEPBLAC, specialists from Facephi will spotlight the challenges tied to digital procurement without physical presence. They’ll delve into the pertinent regulatory landscape and showcase cutting-edge solutions tailored to bolster security and ensure adherence to regulations. 

Case studies from a few of Facephi’s 200+ banking partners will also be presented, illustrating industry-leading practices in digital identity verification and protection. 

Commenting on the partnership, Ramón Villot, Legal & Compliance Director of Facephi said: “The Madrid Platform offers an invaluable opportunity to gather insights into navigating the challenges inherent in online procurement and the market-leading identity verification and protection solutions available.” 

He added: “Our collaboration in this Forum alongside SEPBLAC underscores our joint commitment to building trust and integrity in global procurement and contracting processes.”