Facephi increases its revenue by 22.8% in the first half of the year and boosts its growth with a new partner channel 

The tech company is continuing its unstoppable growth with a revenue of 9.65M€ 

The company has consolidated its expansion with the launch of a new partner channel led by Alejandro Gómez de Cuenca 

The strong growth that Facephi has been recording in recent years has continued in the first half of the year, during which the technology company achieved a 22.8% increase in revenue. This percentage has generated sales of €9.65M, from the sale and marketing of its digital identity protection solutions in the more than 25 countries where it operates. 

The progress of results of the listed company shows a negative EBITDA, a result that reflects the major investment made during this period in its international structure and in new hires that boost the estimated growth for this year. The positive revenue reveals the effectiveness of Facephi’s strategy, based on offering its consolidated on-premise services together with its commitment to making its solutions more flexible through a SaaS model. The Facephi Identity Platform, which combines both options and functionalities in order to reach more sectors in different territories more quickly, is proof of this. 

The opening of new strategic markets in the Middle East has been another of Facephi’s milestones in the first half of the year, a task carried out by its EMEA subsidiary. The United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia have been the first markets in the area where Facephi’s solutions have been successfully implemented through the fintech Qashio. In addition, the company has introduced its solutions in the USA with the fintech Orokii, an important step that will allow it to better understand this market. Javier Mira, CEO and president of Facephi, regards these results positively “as a result of our solid business commitment aimed at boosting our expansion. In addition to our consolidated position in LATAM and APAC, we are already in the Middle East and the USA, and we will continue working to open new markets in the coming months”. 


New partner channel and key certifications 

During the first half of the year, Facephi has continued to explore new opportunities and in order to accelerate its expansion it is working on a new and powerful partner channel, which will allow us to accelerate our expansion into more markets and regions. Mira points out that “this new channel will give us the necessary leverage to accelerate our business strategy towards a more scalable model. 

At the same time, it has been a very dynamic period for the company, which has obtained key certifications that open the doors to explore more opportunities and reach more sectors and regions.  

Thus, the company has obtained the necessary certification from Amazon to offer its solutions in its AWS Marketplace, an important and disruptive commitment in the SaaS marketing model of the sector. On the other hand, through the DIATF certification obtained in the United Kingdom, employers and landlords can now use Facephi’s technology to verify the digital identity of a British or Irish citizen when signing an employment contract or renting a property in the UK. 

Javier Mira states that “these important milestones are opening doors to more opportunities that we will continue to explore to increase our sales. The next few months will be very busy, and we are ready to tackle them”.