FacePhi collaborates with ACCI NGO in donation of IT equipment

FacePhi starts a Corporate Social Responsibility programme collaborating with the NGO ACCI (Action Against Blindness International) in the fight against blindness in one of the most disadvantaged areas of West Africa.  

FacePhi, as part of the agreement with ACCI, has donated computers and technological material to one of the main hospitals in Burkina Faso. This material will allow patients admitted for these traumatological problems to have access to technology, as well as to favour teleworking and contact with the outside world for their relatives during their admission and treatment.   

The Alicante-based company has donated a significant amount of computer equipment that will enable several computer classrooms to be set up. This equipment will travel along with other essential material in the container that ACCI will send to Ouagadougou, capital of Burkina Faso. Among the donated equipment are computers, laptops and desktops, video projectors, mice, loudspeakers, video cameras, mobile phones and landline phones that have been previously checked so that they can have a second life of full utility. 

The NGO Action Against Blindness International has almost twenty years of experience in the region, mainly in Togo.  In previous years, its humanitarian actions have been transferred to neighbouring Burkina Faso, another country plagued by instability and lack of human and technical resources.  

Thanks to projects such as this one, in which FacePhi provides technological elements to ACCI’s annual expedition, it will be possible to equip one of the main hospitals in Burkina Faso with the necessary material to create computer classrooms for multiple uses. 

At FacePhi we are convinced of the solidarity work that is carried out in the third world and we will continue to do our bit to help. Corporate Social Responsibility actions like this one allow us to reuse very useful computer material and generate an important impact in the place where it is donated.