FacePhi continues in its commitment to CSR by helping to care for the environment

At FacePhi, we know that responsible companies wishing to achieve success need to be 100% committed to society.

Sustainability and caring for the environment are one of the three pillars that, together with volunteering and cooperating, and the safety and physical and emotional well-being of our workers, makes up our CSR plan, where we do everything we can to build a better society – both for now and for the future.

As part of our agenda of CSR activities, FacePhi has completed an environmental challenge in Alicante, at Cala Cantalar (Cabo de las Huertas), where more than 50 members of our team took part in collecting a huge amount of waste – organic, paper, plastic and glass – that had been left on the beaches.

During this exercise, designed to raise environmental awareness and responsibility, we were also joined by Manuel Villa Sola, Environmental Councillor at Alicante City Hall.

At FacePhi, we wanted to use this activity to highlight the importance of working to raise awareness, not only in our own #FacePhiTeam, but also to encourage other companies to carry out their own responsible and purposeful initiatives.