Facephi signs a contract with Aena for identity verification at its airports

FacePhi’s identity verification technology will be used in identity verification processes of passengers and employees of the world´s largest airport operator.

The objective is to improve passangers´experience and make internal processes more efficient, and its use will be carried out exclusively with the prior knowledge and consent of the users.

FacePhi, world-leading company in digital identity verification, continues to expand the use of its technology. More precisely, the company has just signed a contract with Aena (Spanish Airports and Air Navigation) after being awarded the public tender for “the supply and update of a facial biometrics solution” for its airports.

With the signing of this contract with the world´s largest airport operator by number of passengers, which has a network that extends throughout Spain and other countries such as the United Kingdom -London-, Mexico and Brazil, FacePhi continues its expansion in the international airport sector. The company will be responsible for providing its digital onboarding and authentication technologies that will be applied to several passenger and employee management processes at the different Aena airports, which will be carried out exclusively with the knowledge and prior consent of the user and excluding its use for video surveillance.

In this way, FacePhi will be in charge of providing digital solutions for the different phases that passengers go through during their experience at an airport: from registration, check-in and access to the security area or VIP lounges, to the very moment of boarding a plane. Thus, the identity verification technology applied to these processes will speed up travel procedures and improve passangers´experience, avoiding crowding and reducing physical contact with both airport staff and other passengers, among other advantages.

On the other hand, Aena will also extend the use of its technology to internal management and operation processes of its employees, such as carrying out maintenance, security or service activities. In this way, the safety of its workers and facilities will be reinforced as a whole, in addition to avoiding the use of paper or plastic identification cards, with the consequent environmental benefit and waste minimisation.

The initial contract has a duration of 4 years for a total amount of approximately 1.5 million euros.

FacePhi AENA airport travel

Ethical and safe biometrics

The implementation of FacePhi´s technology will stand out for its ethical and inclusive nature, thanks to a design that will avoid any type of discrimination based on sex or ethnicity. Moreover, its use will be limited to onboarding and authentication processes that require the prior knowledge and consent of the user, improving the protection and privacy in the treatment of their personal data. The integration of these processes will not imply, in any case, unauthorised facial recognition actions applied to surveillance purposes, since this activity does not correspond to the ethical biometric standard promoted by the Spanish company.

‘For FacePhi, having signed this contract with one of the main airport operators worldwide showcases how our roadmap is helping us reach out set goals regarding growth and expansion to new sectors and markets, making our technology reach more and more people´. Explains Javier Mira, FacePhi´s president and CEO, who adds that ‘this project is also a clear example of the values that FacePhi has always defended for our technology, because it is about using biometrics to make people’s lives easier, while keeping the same perspective we have always had about making an ethical use of it’.