FacePhi opens new market in Asia after agreement with NSSMART to implement facial recognition in hospitals

FacePhi has signed a collaboration agreement with NSSMART, a company specialized in the creation of automated operative solutions for medium and large-sized hospitals in South Korea. The aim of this agreement is to develop business plans to offer simple authentication services by means of facial recognition solutions.

In turn, NSSMART has just signed its first agreement with one of the most important hospitals in South Korea. This first agreement with NSSMART will allow users of the South Korean hospital to stop using their healthcare card or being asked to enter registration numbers in the terminals, since the authentication process will be simplified by using their face in the kiosks. 

Last year, the South Korean government strengthened the security in the ID verification of patients for hospitalization and the registration of visits to the hospital in order to avoid financial losses for fraud and to promote the financial stability of health insurance.

FacePhi technology will play an important role to block irregular supply and reinforce health insurance thanks to an authentication service which uses facial recognition, as well as to reduce production costs of healthcare cards since they will no longer be needed.

“The partnership with NSSMART enables our entry into the Asian market, as it has been proved with this first agreement in the South Korean healthcare sector. In this regard, we are achieving one of our nearest main development goals. Moreover, this will help us gain importance in this sector, where we have been present since last year and we have high business expectations”, has emphasized Javier Mira, FacePhi co-founder and CEO.

“We will broaden the application fields of the facial recognition solution, not only in hospitals, but also at universities or any other place where ID verification may be required. No doubt it will make identity verification more comfortable”, highlighted Kim Jin-woo, NSSMART CEO.