FacePhi’s projects still going despite COVID

One of Seoul’s leading hospitals incorporates FacePhi facial recognition technology. 

The biometric recognition projects that FacePhi is developing and had planned to launch in the coming months, continue as normal, despite the current global economic crisis that has been generated due to COVID-19. 

Mr. Mira believes that the current situation “will not substantially affect us, even though our clients belong to the financial sector mainly”, since as he adds “none of our projects has been paralyzed or canceled, everything continues as planned”. Despite the current world crisis, “our company works perfectly and we are fully operational. Being an internationalized company, in our case, has been an added value to face this context. In fact, our staff continues to telematically implement projects and we normally attend both investors and clients, through online meetings as we have always done”. 

On the other hand, the firm’s hiring policy to attract new talent is still in progress. The company seeks to incorporate new staff in the R&D, business development and marketing departments. 

The uncertain economic scenario turned up worldwide, as a consequence of the economic crisis generated by COVID-19, does not seem to be affecting technology companies. FacePhi is fully operational and has just incorporated its facial recognition technology to the Kangbuk Samsung Hospital in Seoul in collaboration with the Korean company NSSMART, which has been in charge of building an automation solution for the operation of the technology in this hospital.  

This service makes the process of verifying the identity of patients much easier, since they can be identified by their faces and, therefore, it is not necessary to carry on an updated medical card or registration number. The Korean government strengthened security in verifying patient identifications last year to avoid financial losses caused by fraud and thus achieve accounting stability in health insurance.  

Therefore, this technology is expected to play a key role in fraud prevention and strengthen the service provided to users, by means of this facial recognition solution, which enables a simple authentication process. It is also considered that this facial recognition will reduce the cost of printing medical cards, since most of the users will not require them.  

The company’s degree of internationalization is allowing its activity to continue at its usual pace. So is the case that the development of the internationalization plan that seeks to consolidate FacePhi as a benchmark in the LATAM and APAC market is maintained, in the latter it has been possible to start activity in the healthcare sector through the Kangbuk Samsung Hospital in Seoul.  

In this way, there is a continuous growth in the number of clients and geographic areas as well as new sectors where apply the technology that define the potential of the company even in such difficult days.