Facephi launches a project in the US with fintech company Orokii 

Thanks to Facephi’s digital onboarding and authentication technology, the US company’s customers can now make payments and send money securely anywhere in the world 

US fintech company Orokii, which P2P and B2B payment solution allows its customers to transfer money instantly from one account to another nationally and internationally, has launched a new form of digital identification using Facephi’s biometric technology. Thanks to the implementation of this new solution, its customers can register more quickly and securely when using its services. 

Orokii customers can now open an account and start carrying out transactions with their mobile phones after identifying themselves with Facephi’s technology. Thanks to the unique and non-transferable biometric pattern obtained from the user’s face with just a selfie and a photo of their ID card, Orokii can identify them securely during the digital onboarding process. From then on, customers can access their account with just a selfie, thus significantly improving user experience. 

Orokii thus minimizes the risk of identity theft scams, the main threat to the financial sector, by giving its customers the utmost confidence. “Implementing Facephi biometric technology for onboarding and fraud prevention provides Orokii with two essential elements – better user experience and a significant reduction in identity fraud with tampered credentials for onboarding,” according to Bisi Adedokun, founder and CEO of Orokii. 

For Facephi, implementing this project is “an important step for introducing ourselves into the US, an exciting market with great growth potential and a very mature fintech industry. This is one of the main verticals defined in our expansion strategy. We will continue to explore possibilities in North America,” said Javier Mira, CEO and Chairman of Facephi.