Facephi receives the Foundational Technical Review Certification  from AWS

The endorsement confirms to customers that Facephi meets AWS reliability, high security, and operational excellence standards. 

In gaining the certification, Facephi confirms they have a highly qualified and detailed quality assurance program in-house to ensure its software solutions meets the real needs of verifying people´s digital identity with biometrics for any company in any size and sector.

Facephi can now offer the best possible digital identity and biometrics solutions in AWS by adhering to FTR guidelines and identifying AWS Well-Architected best practices.

Facephi, a leading biometric technology company, expands its reach, announcing that they have become AWS (Amazon Web Services) partner and has been certified by Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) Foundational Technical Review (FTR). Thanks to this certification, designed to provide precise guidelines and best practices within AWS to reduce risks around security, reliability, and operational excellence as defined by the AWS Well-Architected Framework, Facephi meets all the guarantees they deem necessary to offer their top-tier biometric digital identity solutions within the AWS cloud while becoming a global partner as AWS partner. 


The FTR certification guarantees that Facephi solutions in AWS are developed leveraging the best practices under the architecture framework of AWS Well-Architected Framework. The endorsement also offers the foundations around technical and security evaluation needs in cloud, which allows Facephi´s products and solutions to be sold and supported in the AWS Marketplace, a digital catalogue with software listings from independent software vendors where companies of any size and business can purchase technology on demand. Customers looking for tools and services to verify the biometrical identity of their end-users will be able to find and purchase Facephi products directly through AWS Marketplace, a service reinforced thanks to the available operability of Ingram Micro. 

“We have proved that we comply with all the security and reliability requirements that AWS demands from its providers, and this opens up new opportunities for our expansion by being able to offer our services directly to any company around the world” said Jorge Félix, QA & Systems Director at Facephi. 

Likewise, Félix notes that “according to this FTR certification, AWS validates Facephi’s Cloud Strategy as a highly compliance framework intended to satisfy the most demanding security requirements from every business sector”. 

This important certification means for Facephi the opening of new scenarios when offering its solutions, helping their end-customers anywhere in the world using Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure footprint as the most secure, extensive, and reliable cloud platform. With 99 Availability Zones across 31 Regions launched to date, AWS provides the cloud infrastructure where and when Facephi needs it.