Facephi leads the digital revolution with exceptional performance in 2023 

In 2023, we will redefine the standards in the digital identity sector, achieving a record turnover of 30,08 million euros and consolidating our leadership in the global market. Our success is due to both expansion in new markets and strength in existing ones, demonstrating Facephi’s commitment to innovation and sustainable growth. 

As leaders in digital identity verification solutions, we concluded 2023 marking a milestone in our history with outstanding financial performance. Recording a record turnover of €30,08 million and an EBITDA of €3.87 million, we experienced robust growth, reflecting our operational excellence and strategic vision in the global market. 

The increase in turnover is attributed to Facephi’s successful entry into new markets and the strengthening of our presence in existing ones, supported by outstanding customer retention. This sustained growth underscores our ability to adapt and lead in the dynamic world of digital technology. 

In 2023, we are focusing many resources on strengthening our global reach, with a particular focus on LATAM and EMEA. The creation of new subsidiaries and the consolidation of offices in these regions have been decisive steps towards deeper global expansion. These actions have established a solid business foundation that supports our long-term growth strategy. 

The expansion of our portfolio with new products and functionalities, such as behavioural biometrics and the identity wallet, are testament to our commitment to innovation. These launches, along with the company’s strategic investments, will continue to transform the digital landscape, offering cutting-edge solutions to users and businesses alike. 

2023 has been a year of consolidation for Facephi, achieving, for yet another year, a positive EBITDA at the end of the year of 3.87 million euros. This achievement demonstrates Facephi’s strength in generating robust revenue and our ability to balance growth with profitability. We are proud of our upward trajectory, marked by sustained growth and an expanding global presence, reaffirming our position as a reference in digital identification technology. 

The market response has been extremely positive, with an increase in the adoption of our technologies in various sectors, from banking to airport security. This success is not only reflected in its financial performance but also in industry recognition, consolidating Facephi as the undisputed leader in its field. 

Looking ahead, we are focused on maintaining our leadership in digital transformation, navigating new challenges and opportunities with a clear strategy and a solid foundation. We remain committed to innovation, safety, and sustainable growth, ready to advance in our mission to redefine safety and convenience for users around the world.