Facephi redefines the airport passenger experience! 

Facephi has brought its innovative technology to AENA airports as an industry leader in identity verification technology, thus really making a difference to air passenger experience. 

We are excited to announce that our innovative identity verification technology has arrived at some of AENA’s airports, revolutionising the way passengers access their aircraft with a faster and more secure process. At Facephi, as leaders in the identity verification technology sector, we have set a milestone in Spanish aviation. 

Thanks to our advanced digital identity verification technology using biometrics, the check-in and identity verification process has become faster and more secure. Passengers can now go through this process online using the AENA app or in person at the airport. It’s as simple as automatically capturing the traveller’s document, taking a selfie for facial verification and doing a biometric comparison with the image on the ID card. Once registered, the passenger can access security filters and boarding gates by dint of facial recognition. This means that it is no longer necessary to show physical documents (although they will still have to be carried) and all procedures are significantly speeded up. 

This project, which has already been joined by several leading airlines, is improving the flight experience from check-in to boarding, thanks to the integration of our biometric solutions in security filters, boarding gates and mobile applications. This makes us a benchmark in our sector, including within the international airport industry as a whole. 

Since the award of the project in 2021 to implement our software in the onboarding and authentication processes, we have demonstrated our high level of involvement, bolstering our commitment to innovation and security.  

In addition, our technology represents a significant step forward in adapting airports to the new needs of an increasingly digitised and connected world. Facephi’s ability to deliver a highly secure “contactless” flight experience is a clear example of how technology can improve not only operational efficiency, but also customer satisfaction. 

Importantly, the identity verification solutions we have implemented are aligned with the principles of ethical biometrics, rigorously complying with ISO regulations and the GDPR statutory framework and thus ensuring respect for privacy and protection of personal data. This responsible approach is strengthening confidence in biometric solutions and underlines Facephi’s commitment to respectful and secure innovation.  

As we continue to expand our presence in the international airport sector, our technology is positioned as a key element in the evolution towards smarter, more ethical and user-centric airports. 

Thus we keep moving forward and growing!