Facephi is named as a strategic company by the Ministry of Industry

This concession will allow the company to bring highly qualified professionals from anywhere in the world to Spain, thanks to special visas linked to their work

FacePhi has a workforce of 150 professionals, with 70% specialists in different fields of engineering and technological development

FacePhi’s identity verification technology is now considered “strategic” thanks to a report from the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism. The entity, through the General Directorate of International Trade and Investments, have recognised the important role “within the financial-technological sector (fintech)” of the developments created by the company, especially focusing on the creation of digital onboarding systems and individual facial recognition. 

Obtaining this acknowledgement is especially relevant for the company’s commitment to talent, meaning that during the next two years they will be able to hire Highly Qualified Professionals (PAC) from any corner of the world, thanks to specific visas linked to their work that allow immediate residency authorisation. 

“This recognition is important to us, both for the opportunity it gives us to continue incorporating highly qualified professionals into our project, and for the support it represents for technological innovation promoted by SMEs,”, highlights Javier Mira, President and CEO of FacePhi.  

“Identity verification technology is becoming more and more integrated into our daily lives, and will play a fundamental role in the digital transformation of companies and institutions; all this at a time in which there are new digital habits amongst citizens and the need to provide relationships between users and entities with greater security and transparency. In this context, the support of public administrations for technologies such as those promoted by FacePhi is especially relevant.”, added Mira.  

In recent years, the incorporation of highly qualified professionals has influenced FacePhi’s strategic direction, with a continuous increase in its workforce and the consolidation of a hybrid working model -allowing remote work combined with attendance at the company’s offices- which has already been taken up by 70% of employees. In 2020, despite the impact of the COVID-19 health crisis, the company doubled its structure to expand its team to 60 professionals, and during 2021 this number has continued to grow, exceeding 150 people today. Teams are made up of 70% technical positions, mainly engineers from different specialties, who carry out their work both in person at the company headquarters in Alicante, through flexible models or exclusively remotely. 

“The exponential growth experienced in recent years has been thanks to the implementation of an effective strategy for the incorporation of specialised, demanding and 100% committed talent. We are sure that with this new designation for FacePhi as a Strategic Company, a company where flexibility, diversity and collaborative learning are fundamental cornerstones of success, we will continue to incorporate qualified talent that will help us to continue with our business roadmap,” says Magdalena Beltrá, Director of Personnel and Corporate Culture.