FacePhi obtains the ENS certification required by law to work with the Spanish public Administration 

FacePhi has obtained a certification in accordance with the National Security Scheme (ENS), a mandatory recognition for all those technology companies that provide their services to public entities or to companies subcontracted by them. The ENS guarantees the protection of the information and data of Spanish citizens that are managed by electronic means, so that they cannot be intercepted, manipulated or eliminated by third parties.

The audit has verified that FacePhi’s digital onboarding technology development, maintenance and support services meet the required information security requirements.

The National Security Scheme is based on five dimensions: confidentiality, integrity, availability, authenticity and data traceability. This new recognition is a boost for FacePhi’s technology to be considered one of the safest for the General State Administration, since it has the highest quality guarantee.

The ​​Quality and Systems director of FacePhi, Jorge Félix, has indicated that through this mid-level certification the company adds a new compliance framework to its product line. Félix has assured that obtaining the ENS marks the strong commitment that the management is making to guarantee customers the highest standards in quality, safety and risk management.

In addition to the National Security Scheme, FacePhi also has other certifications that recognize the quality of its technology, such as ISO 30107-3 Level 1, ISO 27001, KISA K-NBTC and the recently obtained Pinakes certification.