FacePhi signs a contract with the financial company Hites, a Chilean multi-store retail firm 

The Spanish technology company continues its international expansion hand in hand with the fifth most important Chilean retail firm. The project will allow Hites customers to apply for a credit card 100% online.

FacePhi continues to consolidate its leadership position in Latin America. The technology firm has signed an agreement with Hites, a Chilean company dedicated to the retail industry and the fifth most important company in this sector in this Latin American country. This agreement supposes FacePhi’s consolidation in Chile, a country in which it entered for the first time in 2021.

The project is based on the adoption of FacePhi’s digital onboarding technology, with which Hites customers will be able to request their “hites card” credit card simply, securely and 100% online from anywhere.

To request this card, users must capture their identity document on both sides, which will be subjected to an exhaustive security validation. Then, they must take a selfie, with which the facial recognition of the person will be carried out. With the combination of both actions, it is possible to quickly and securely verify user’s identity, assuring the company that identity fraud is not carried out and, in turn, providing the best consumer experience.

“It is a satisfaction to consolidate our presence in Chile hand in hand with a historical company such as Hites, whose initiative in the digitization process will mark the path of the financed retail industry for the coming years,” explains Jorge Sanz, CRO of FacePhi.

Empresas Hites has a history of more than 50 years of development in the financed retail business, which makes it a relevant player in the industry in Chile. Given the company’s mission, which focuses on satisfying the consumer and financial needs of the broad C3-D segment of the population, the company develops its activities serving this group of customers, for which it uses as its main channel of placement of funds the retail sale of various clothing products, accessories and household items through its 27 Multistores.